Situations Our Homeowners Deal With & How We Can Help.

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If you need to sell your house in south Florida, but you don’t have the time to wait for an agent to list it or to sell it by owner, give us a call! We buy houses all over south Florida’s tri-county area and we would love to evaluate your home. We pay cash for houses on an as-is basis and we close within a matter of days, or a date of your choice if you need the extra time. We have closed on homes in as little as 3 days, and in other cases have extended closing to give our clients some time to find another place.

This post will cover some of the different house buying situations that we specialize in. While we mainly deal with these types of situations, we buy houses under many other circumstances as well so please don’t hesitate to reach out for a conversation. You can visit our main page to learn more about our process and how to get it started.


Do you have too many repairs to make?



Whether repairs are voluntary or involuntary, their costs add up in a hurry. We’ve heard many stories about small home repairs turning into remodels because of wood rot and outdated plumbing. If you live in an area near lots of water, you may find yourself making more repairs than you’d like. But for most of us, flooding isn’t that big of a concern. Unfortunately, nature happens and sometimes it floods or there is a wild fire that damages houses. Normally there is a lot of roof work and interior remodeling to be done. We buy houses all of the time that require repairs. We actually prefer them!


Have you inherited a house?


We buy houses that have been inherited, no matter what the circumstances. Whether you inherited a house though probate court or other less common ways, we’re interested in buying it. Inherited houses come with taxes, repairs and a houseful of extra stress. Why not get cash for your extra house and lose the headache?


Are you currently going through divorce?




Divorce is a tough thing for anybody to go through. More often than not, couples who just want to move on with their lives end up having to share a portion of it due to home ownership. Since we pay cash and close fast on houses, we offer the perfect service for getting rid of your home and moving on. The day that we close you will have money in your hands to help you get started with the next chapter of your life.


We buy houses before foreclosure.


Foreclosure is another one of those tough situations that some home owners have to go through. Once again, the services that we offer are the perfect way to help. We can make you a fair offer on your home that could possible cover the amount that you owe for foreclosure and give you the chance to start over in a new home. If you are currently in pre-foreclosure, let us buy your house before it hits foreclosure!


Is land lording too much to handle?




We buy houses from landlords all of the time. Being a landlord is tough business. There are vacant properties to worry about, questionable tenants to deal with, and the month to month cost of insurance and taxes on your properties. If you feel that land lording is something you want to do less of, or stop doing all together, give us a call. Whether they are occupied or not, we’d like to make you an offer on it.


Do you need to re-locate?


Many people have jobs that require them to change locations every few years, especially if you are in the military. This can make selling your house more stressful than normal circumstances. When there are deadlines than need to be met it adds a whole other level of frustration to the process. Our ability to close fast makes selling convenient for you. You’ll be able to use all of the extra time saved by selling to us to move at a comfortable pace.


What does it all mean!?




We offer the most convenient and stress free way to sell your south Florida house fast and at a fair price. We buy houses all of the time from people listed in the above situations and some that are so unique that they don’t fall into any one category. We are house buying professionals who offer professional assistance. If you are serious about selling your house fast and need our help, we are more than willing to provide it! Give us a call today at 954-774-8506 and we’ll help you find the right solution for you and your house, and most of all make it a win/win situation when it’s all said and done!

The information presented in this article is for educational purposes only and should not be considered legal, financial, or as any other type of advice.