How Can I Save My House from Foreclosure in Florida?

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Foreclosure is a legal process that a lending institution or mortgage company performs to obtain ownership of your home, or in other words, a repossession of the property. There can be a number of reasons that can cause a foreclosure process, and on the contrary, a few ways to avoid it. Your next question is likely, “How can I save my house from foreclosure?” First, let’s look at why you may be facing

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Situations Our Homeowners Deal With & How We Can Help.

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If you need to sell your house in south Florida, but you don’t have the time to wait for an agent to list it or to sell it by owner, give us a call! We buy houses all over south Florida’s tri-county area and we would love to evaluate your home. We pay cash for houses on an as-is basis and we close within a matter of days, or a date of

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We Buy Unappealing Houses in SOUTH FLORIDA

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Are you looking to sell your old house and don’t have the money to afford all reparation work? Have you ever thought about selling your house to a cash buyer? That’s right – we buy unappealing houses and we buy them for cash. Many of those who wish to sell their house face the dilemma of postponing the sale in order to work on house repairs to get more value.

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What is A Lien and Can You Sell A House With A Lien On It?

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What is a Lien on a House? A lien is usually a public record that is filed with a county records office for an actual property. Liens, particularly on real estate, are a frequent method used by creditors to collect what they are owed.   Selling A House With a Lien On It Are you thinking about moving, but you have a lien on your house and you’re not sure what to

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I Need to Sell My House Now, What Should I Do?

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“Help! I need to sell my house!”   It happens all the time. People have situations that leaves them saying “I need to sell my house NOW!” There are many reasons a homeowner may be looking to sell this year. Job relocation, family transplanting, or property downsizing are all common factors when considering to sell. With 2016’s healthy housing market and continual recession recovery, capitalizing on a seller’s market is

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Will I Get a Fair Price from Cash Buyers in South Florida?

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You’ve likely heard about investors who pay cash for houses and wondered how the process works. Another question you may have had was if you could get a fair price from cash buyers. Wondering what your house is worth and if you’ll get a fair price is normal for house sellers. Let’s see how credible cash house buying companies are, and if they’re the right fit for your house selling needs.

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House Buyers in the Palm Beach & Broward county

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From first time homeowners looking for the ideal starter home to experienced investors searching for the proverbial diamond in the rough, house buyers in south Florida are a varied bunch. While home buyers differ due to their methods and motives for securing a sale, they are mostly comprised of local buyers willing to pay the fair market price for a property. Unfortunately, there are too many illegitimate buyers in the south Florida area and recognizing their poor buying behaviors

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My House Needs Repairs! (A Lot of Them)

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What repairs should I make to sell my house?     Often, I am contacted by homeowners whose house needs repairs, usually many repairs.   At first, the repairs might seem small and easy to manage by doing the repairs yourself or by calling a handyman.  After awhile though, these repairs can become expensive.  So what do you do? Well, you’ve got a few choices and it boils down to what you

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Selling A House As Is

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What to look for in a house buying company There are several reasons as to why a homeowner might need to sell a their home AS IS. Two of the most commonly stated reasons for selling a house in its current condition is due to money and time consumption. Some owners may be financially strapped and unable to make the major repairs required to sell in peak condition, also known as after

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I Inherited a House in south Florida! Now What?

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I’ve inherited a house that I had no idea about….now what? It’s a question many people around the country face when they suddenly inherit a house without any prior knowledge on the situation. In this article, I will inform you of everything you need to consider if you’ve inherited a house. While inheriting a house can be a fortune to some, it can be a total headache for others. There are

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